Bosch 2608580803 HSS Plumbers Holesaw Set 9 Piece


9 piece holesaw set
For the toughest demands
Quickly and steadily through a wide variety of materials
Designed to cut metal, mild steel, aluminium
Progressive tooth strip for high cutting performace
HSS bi-metal with 8% cobalt alloy for extreme resilience and long lifetime



  • 1x BiM hole saw 19mm
  • 1x BiM hole saw 22mm
  • 1x BiM hole saw 29mm
  • 1x BiM hole saw 38mm
  • 1x BiM hole saw 44mm
  • 1x BiM hole saw 57mm
  • 1x Arbor 14mm – 30mm
  • 1x Arbor 32mm – 152mm
  • 1x HSS pilot drill 6.35mm x 75mm
  • 1x HSS pilot drill 6.35mm x 104mm
  • 1x Allen key

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