Are you looking for spare parts for your power tools? Click on any part number and view a list of spares available for each power tool. You can then click the spare part’s part number to checkout and purchase.

ItemPart NumberDescriptionPrice
Rotary Hammer-GBH-20003611135A405Robust block - pot, stacked construction for superior reliability and durability16500
Rotary Hammer GBH 2-24 DFR 3611B730L1Best drilling speed in class due to optimized gear housing set23500
Angle Grinder GWS 750 3601C94071Optimised cooling of the motor to handle long work times
Cut Off Saw GCO 2000 3601L17270Well balanced and lower weight (15.8 kg for non-guard version)
Rotary Hammer GBH 2-28 DFV 3611B67 2P0Highest drilling rate and highest chiselling performance in its class
Drill Stand GCR 180 Spares 3601A90100Robust construction for precise drilling
Bosch Blower GBL 800E3601J804F1 Strongest air flow for better work efficiency8200
Angle Grinder GWS 24-230H3601H841P1 Restart protection prevents the tool from automatically restarting after a power cut
Impact Wrench GDX 18 V-EC3601JB9100 Very compact design for perfect handling, even in the tightest spaces and overhead
Hot Air Gun GHG 500-2 060194A044 Heating automatically switches off and cools when overheating, for long lifetime5200
Angle Grinder GWS 20-230H3601H50L02Revolving gear head enables optimised adaptation to every work situation
Angle Grinder GWS 6700 3 601C75600Maximum safety – comes with burst proof Guards and 2-motion switch
Rotary Hammer GBH 5-40D 3611B69070Perfect handling – well balanced tool for all applications
Hot Air Gun GHG 660 LCD 0601944742Heating automatically switches off and cools when overheating, for long lifetime
Percussion Drill GSB 16RE Spares 3601B18671Higher dynamic load rated ball bearing for long life
Percussion Drill GSB 13 3601B17671Soft in line grip for a secure hold
Angle grinder GWS 9-115 3601G90070Ergonomic shape for maximum control in various grip positions
Rotary Hammer GBH 4-32 DFR 3611C32171Wide range of applications in chiselling and drilling work and when working with a core cutter
Jig Saw GST 90BE 3601E8F071Powerful 650 watt motor for fast work progress
Angle Grinder GWS 22-230H 3601H821P4Powerful 2200 W Champion motor – for fast work progress
Portable Planer GHO 6500 3 601 E96 0L0Powerful 650W motor provide fast planning speed
Cordless Angle Grinder GWS 18v-Li 3 601 J3A 300Highest material removal rate and cutting performance in its class per battery charge.
Demolition Hammer GSH 27 VC 3 611 C0A 0P0Very long lifetime thanks to high-quality components made of aluminium and steel
Diamond Drilling Machine GDB 350 3601A899713200 watt motor and 3-speed gearbox for core drilling up to 350 mm in reinforced concrete
Demolition hammer GSH 16-30 3611C351P0longest lifetime due to robust design and use of high quality materials
Impact wrench GDS 24 0601434103For wheel fitting on trucks, screw joints in steel construction and mechanical engineering, as well as in tank and pipeline construction
Demolition Hammer GSH 11E 0611316703Extreme impact force of 16.8 joules for high material removal rate
Demolition Hammer GSH 5 3611c37000Reduced contact pressure & long hammer tube for good and balanced performance
Straight Grinders GGS 8H 3601B14300Powerful 750 watt motor for fast work progress with soft start
High pressure cleaner GHP 5-65 3600J10570High cleaning power: Aluminium anodised pump with stainless steel pistons producing a combination of high flow and pressure resulting in high cleaning power
Percussion Drill GSB 1300 3601AA10L2Fully ball-bearing-mounted construction for a long lifetime
Router GKF 600 3601F0A171Very compact design and ergonomic grip area allow for one-handed guidance, especially for working on edges
Metal Cut-off Saw GCD 12 JL 3601M28070-Precise results and little rework thanks to minimum discolouration and low levels of burr formation with “Expert for Steel” saw blades
Impact Wrench GDS30 0601435103For heavy screw joints on trucks, construction machinery, in commercial vehicle construction, in the petrochemical and other heavy industries
Industrial Vacuum cleaner GAS15 3601JE5100Semi-automatic filter cleaning system: For higher performing efficiency and longer filter lifetime
All purpose vacuum cleaner GAS35 3601JC3060Best extraction results due to powerful 1200 watt suction turbine with very high vacuum pressure of up to 254 mbar
Slide Mitre Saw GCM 10MX 3601M290P0High cutting efficiency and cutting precision
Circular saw GCD 12JL 3601M28070Precise results and little rework thanks to minimum discolouration and low levels of burr formation with Expert for Steelsaw blades
Cordless screwdriver GSB 1080-2-LI 3601JF3000Flexibility in applications due to impact mechanism with single-sleeve keyless chuck for easy accessory changes and long runtime per battery charge for continuous operation
Cordless Drill Driver GSR 1440 3601JA8401No memory effect: the battery can be charged regardless of the charging state at any time, without damaging the cells
Cordless drill Driver GSR 1800 3601JA8301Powerful to cover major applications of drill driver - max 33 Nm
Cordless drill driver GSR 120-LI 3601JF70K0High Performance: +20% soft torque improvements compared to GSR 1080-2-LI give more power to users!
Cordless Drill Driver GSR 1000 3601JF4020Long battery lifetime ,thanks to ECP which prevents battery cells from overloading, overheating, and deep discharge
Drill GBM 1000 3601AA90K2Light- weighted tool with inline grip design for fatigue free drilling
Cordless Screwdriver Drill GSB 18-2-LI 3601JE7100Most Compact - Perfect handling due to compact design
Universal Orbital Sander GSS 2300 3601B980L0Easy and robust clamping system, sanding plate, bearings and vibration foot to improve working efficiency
Drill Screwdriver GSR 6-25TE 3601D45004Comfortable work due to ergonomic design and depth stop that can be operated with one hand
Percussion Drill GSB 13RE 3601B17193Robust, twin-sleeve keyless chuck made of metal for fast bit changes
Random Orbital sander GEX 125-1 AE 3601C87570Compact, ergonomic design with large softgrip surfaces for variable grip positions and outstanding comfort
Straight Grinders GGS 5000L 3601B24170Robust 500W motor for powerful grinding application
Drill GBM 1600RE 3601AB00K0Powerful and reliable 850 watt motor for longer lifetime
Percussion Drill GSB 16RE 3601B18194Robust and powerful 701 W motor for tough applications
Percussion Drill GSB 18-2 RE 3601AA21P0Powerful 2-speed impact drill (800 W) for the fastest work progress
Cordless Jigsaw GST 18 V-LI B 3601EA6100Soft grip in all gripping areas for comfortable working
Nibbler GNA 75-16 3601E29400The powerful and handy tool for cutouts of all kinds
Jigsaw GST 65 BE 3601E09290Ergonomic design for fatigue-free working
Orbital sander GSS 280 AE 3601B937A0High-quality sanding plates for the best surface quality and five times longer lifetime than rubber sanding plates
Drill Stand GCR 350 3601A90201Easy adjustment of the work angle using the angle scale
Marble Saw GDM 13-34 3601C6A2K0 Powerful 1300W marble saw for fast and precise cutting in marble/granite/tile/stone
Drill Stand GMB 32 0601193003Magnetic drill stand with high holding power of the magnetic foot for safe working
Belt Sander GBS 75A 3601B740A0Sturdy toothed belt and metal toothed belt wheels for long lifetime
Straight Grinders GGS 28 LC 3601B21070offers perfect handling for demanding grinding work.
Circular hand saw GKS 190 3601F23071Handy machine for circular saw work of all kinds in industry and in the trades
Shears GSC 160 0601500403Very short, handy tool with the smallest grip circumference in its class
Cutoff saw GCO 240 3601M380P0High overload capacity for the toughest of applications
Impact Wrench GDS 18E 3601D44000For wheel fitting on cars, scaffolding and shelf construction, in the workshop and in service centres
Reciprocating Saw GSA 1100E 3601F4C870Fastest cutting in the widest variety of materials – optimised orbital action and SPM for most materials
Diamond Drilling Machine GDB 180 3601A89870Powerful 2000 watt motor for breakthroughs in reinforced concrete up to 180 mm
Circular Hand Saw GKS 235 3601E7A090High power performance for faster cutting progress
Drill GBM 23-2E 0601121603Powerful motor for accurate drilling up to 23 mm diameter in steel
Shears GSC 2,8 0601506103Reversible blade for particularly high economic efficiency
High pressure Cleaner GHP 5-75 3600J10770High cleaning power: brass pump with stainless steel pistons producing a combination of high flow and pressure resulting in high cleaning power
Angle Grinder GWS 22-180 H 3601H81102Anti-rotation, distortion-resistant protective guard reliably protects the user if the grinding disc breaks
Drill GBM 32-4 0601130203Most powerful Bosch Drill with 1500 watts for drilling diameters up to 32 mm and heavy-duty use in steel
Universal Angle Polisher GPO 14 3601C89070Powerful 1400 watt motor with soft start for low-fatigue polishing of large surfaces
Percussion Drill GSB 19-2 RE 3601A7B570Powerful 2-speed impact drill (850 W) for the fastest work progress
Marble Saw GDM 121 3601C950L0Good dust insulation to keep the powerful motor for reliable life time
Compound Mitre Saw GCM 12MX 3601M211P1Strong aluminium arm and pivot system for heavy-duty cut in steel
Table Mitre Saw GTM 12JL 3601M15071Integrated light for precise working, even in poor lighting conditions
Table Saw GTS 10J 3601M30570High performance, precise and compact with many features
Mitre Saw GCM 12SDE 3601M23170Variable speed for adapting the cutting speed to the material